Sunday, 17 April 2016

Autumn Essentials

Autumn is here! Which means the weather is cooling down and the leaves are changing colour. When I think of autumn I imagine myself snuggled up in bed, drinking hot chocolate and watching a film or going for a walk wearing a sweater and feeling the satisfaction of stepping on autumn leaves and hearing them crunch. Anyways, here are my autumn essentials.

I have very dry lips as it is but as the weather begins to cool it gets a lot worse and they need some extra special attention. To fix this I like to treat them to a lip scrub and the Lush Bubblegum Scrub is my favourite. It smells delicious and once your done scrubbing your lips, you can lick it off although it doesn't taste as nice as you would think. I'm pretty sure lush needs to bring out a cinnamon spice flavour lip scrub for this time of here but for now bubblegum will do. After scrubbing my lips and getting all the dead skin off (ew) I like to moisturise them. Lucas Papaw Ointment has been my favourite lip balm for years, so i'll lather on a thick layer of that and dry, chapped lips will no longer be a problem. 

As it gets colder and rain becomes a daily occurrence, you are going to be stuck inside a lot. To stop myself from being bored out of my brain I like to read (and watch films). I am currently reading Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Its a wonderful novel that combines old haunting photographs with a peculiar story that will send chills down your spine. And if you finish that book, there are two more in the series that will keep you occupied for days on end. Whilst reading I recommend lighting a candle and munching on some Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Chips (yes they are vegan). When I first tried these chips I didn't like them but they grew on me and now i'm obsessed. I bought 3 packets at the super market last week as they were on sale and I couldn't resist. I think the orange chip colours reminds me of the autumn leaves making these the perfect snack for a rainy day inside. 

As much as we would like to stay inside all autumn, we can't and there are days when we have to leave the house. This means we have to rug up in some warmer clothes. I absolutely love sweaters and recently I have purchased a couple of new ones. The cream one in the photos is from Glassons and I love it, the neck line can be left as is or you can roll it down for a different look. Its also cropped so its perfect to wear with a high waisted skirt. Which brings me onto my next essential; TIGHTS! Throughout autumn, tights will become your new best friend. It can be frustrating wanting to wear a skirt or a dress but its too cold to, well chuck some tights on underneath and your good to go. My favourite tights are from Bonds which I have been wearing tons recently. 

My last essential is of course a scarf. I have been on a serious hunt for the perfect plaid scarf and low and behold I found it. Its by the brand Princess Highway and I love it. The material is perfect, the colours are perfect and it will keep your neck nice a toasty when your outside. Plus its so big that if you ever want to have a spontaneous picnic, just throw this on the ground and you have a picnic blanket.

Those are my autumn essentials. What are yours?


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